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Titan, revolutionary technology that will end the flaccidity

- Goodbye flaccidity in face and body with titan. -

La Clinica Laser de Piel has a new procedure for face and body flaccidity, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, free from imperfections and vital appearance.


Improves wrinkles especially from the nose and mouth furrow

Unique treatment to combat the flaccidity of the face and body

The best for stretching of cheeks, jowl and neck


The Dr. Ana Jimeno from the Clínica Láser de Piel confirms that this new option in health and beauty has come to revolutionize treatments for skin tightening and lifting improving flaccidity on the face and body, with results never seen before, and thanks to its production of light energy in the deeper layer of the skin allows collagen fibers to contract immediately generating an internal reaffirmation of the treated area.